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Interior design studio

Our practice includes completing numerous design projects — both small and large scale. The full-service team includes talented experts with extensive experience and knowledge in architecture, design, project management, traditional craftsmanship, logistics, and various other disciplines.

Lifestyle & interior store

Our lifestyle and interior store "Bonjour Verbier" features a curated selection of exclusive and extraordinary items, carefully sourced by our buying team. Each season we present a variety of new products and collections that we are delighted with and absolutely convinced of. 


Full of character and soul

There are many elements that make for exceptional and individual design. Balance and proportion, the inclusion of the local environment and its stories are essential aspects. Yet we are convinced that the most beautiful design concepts are those with character and soul. Spaces that offer sanctuary and above all, a home, that inspire conversation and yet exude tranquillity. When it comes to realising our design wishes, we combine holistic thinking and a high level of planning expertise with a feel for our clients' personalities. For an insight into our interior design practice, we kindly invite you to make an appointement in our Bonjour Verbier interior design studio.

Bonjour Verbier interior design studio offers a comprehensive interior design service for luxury residences chalets and houses. With a focus on bespoke and unique design tailored to the personal needs, requirements and desires of each of our clients, we offer a complete interior design service that takes a project from concept to completion with lots of attention.

Interior design

Bonjour Verbier_Interior Design.jpg

We manage and work on reconstruction projects from the sketch to the realised reconstruction. By working closely with our long-standing and good network of professional planning consultants, architects, engineers and contractors, we oversee the planning, design and construction phases of each project and up-to-date building projects are developed.


Bonjour Verbier_Reconstruction.jpg

Making the most of a terrace or balcony requires well thought-out and sensitve planning. We are strong in the conception and design of your outdoor space. Our aim is to make sure that you can really feel comfortable when outdoors. That's why we think of every detail - including the furniture, lighting, planting, shading, accessoires and even flooring.

Balcony & terrace design

Bonjour Verbier_Balcony Terrace.jpg

Bonjour Verbier Interior Design Studio offers a service to assist you with all your needs, whether you are looking for the perfect curtains, want to revamp a favourite piece of furniture or are looking for the right art for your space. We put our network of talented craftsmen and our expertise at your disposal. Tell us what you want - we will make your visions come true.

Bespoke commissions

Bonjour Verbier_Bespoke commissions.jpg

Perhaps you are looking for assistance in choosing a few special pieces, or you would like to decorate your whole chalet with new accessories. We specialise in offering a highly personalised, bespoke interior design service and interior styling. We ensure that the final details of your home look incredibly tasteful, harmonious and timelessly elegant.

Home styling

Bonjour Verbier_Home styling.jpg


Personal, professional and reliable

We are dedicated to designing beautiful and practical solutions for your property. Therefore we pay full attention to each project – from conception to completion. This requires a great deal of sensitivity, extensive knowledge of buildings and an understanding of space and aesthetics, as well as great commitment. With our experience in the residential, commercial and retail sectors, our team has extensive skills, from technical development and design to styling.

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