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Interior design & reconstructions

We design each room and each building with materials that are full of character - stones with uniquely textured surfaces, woods that have been given inimitable pattinas by the weather, colours that reflect the ever-changing hues of nature. We fill rooms with carefully selected artworks, the finest fabrics and matching furnishings, always distinctive and often rich in memories and stories.

Interior design & reconconstructions

Terrace & balcony design

A carefully designed terrace or balcony connects your living space to the outdoors and offers a fabulous interplay between indoors and outdoors. Discover selected projects and be inspired for your very own outdoor space.

Terrace & balcony design
Bespoke commissions

Bespoke commissions

Sometimes it requires bespoke designs to really meet individual needs. Our strong attention to detail makes the noticeable difference that customers notice in the finished project and never fails to spark a great sense of excitement.

Home styling

With thoughtful and inspiring styling, we provide solutions to the personal living situation of our highly valued customers. As interior designers and stylists, we know: Only with empathy and a great sensitivity the atmosphere of a room can be interpreted in such a way that something unique and harmonious is created.

Home Styling
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